Including a collection of list of Best Cybersecurity Youtube Channels I have came across and found useful so far

RTFM version 2 has been completely overhauled, with the addition of over 290 new commands and techniques and has been updated to work against modern operating systems. Pick up the RTFM v2 in a variety of formats including Notes Edition, Kindle, or the original field manual.

This is a vulnerable-by-design Azure lab, containing 2 x attack paths with common misconfigurations. These vulnerabilities are intended to be as representative as possible to those found in live, production environments and the attack vectors are intended to be as realistic as possible to real Threat Actors TTPs. If you would like to see what detections and alerts these attack path vectors are causing, I recommend signing up for a Microsoft E5 trial which has Microsoft Defender for Cloud as well as Azure AD premium P2 plan. Links for signing up to an Azure Developer account can be found in the resources.txt file. Each kill-chain has in its folder the Terraform script (and other pre-reqs files needed for deployment) as well as the solutions to the challenges.