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IntelTechniques OSINT Online Search Tool
Une toolbox OSINT

The goal of this repository is to provide a simple, harmless way to check your AV's protection on ransomware. This tool simulates typical ransomware behaviour, such as: Exfiltrating Documents (SMTP and/or FTP) Creating/Deleting Volume Shadow Copies Encrypting documents (I removed AES support just in case) Dropping a ransomware note to the user's desktop

🤖 AutoPWN Suite is a project for scanning vulnerabilities and exploiting systems automatically.
AutoPWN Suite uses nmap TCP-SYN scan to enumerate the host and detect the version of softwares running on it. After gathering enough information about the host, AutoPWN Suite automatically generates a list of “keywords” to search NIST vulnerability database.

for Windows, Linux and MacOS